Review of “When We Were Five: The Diary of an American Family” by Derek Gray

When We Were Five: The Diary of an American Family by Derek Gray
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Derek’s memoir of his life is like watching a “Rocky” movie, as he describes in his book. Much like Rocky, you see him deal with difficult punches being thrown his way left and right. The opponent in the ring is a family history of heart disease that dramatically changes his life as well as his whole family’s. As I read the book, I wondered what the outcomes would be as I watched him ride all the highs and lows he openly shared. It really was like watching a movie, especially with all the photos included in the book. I would never have been able to predict the shocking events that unfolded. I’m so happy I found this book, as it truly is an account of how precious life is and how easy it is to forget this sometimes. It’s about doing it your way, and Derek shows how he found a way to make his life and health his own. His book is heart-wrenching, but also very inspiring and well worth the read.

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