Review of “The Sky’s Eyes” by Brian Macrae

The Sky’s Eyes by Brian Macrae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This tech-style mystery takes place in a world that resembles our own, yet is taken to a whole new level. You’ll learn about an imagined ranking system called karma, which affects the main character’s life and work. Though karma in the book means something different than how you or I define it, it does exist in today’s world in a frenzied and somewhat nefarious way. The main character has to solve a mystery along with a new friend he’s made, all the while watching his own back in the tricky world of karma. The book bravely questions whether this type of karma, which coincides with a constant striving to “make a difference in the world,” is always worth it. Does it come at a cost to individuals who just want to live life on a more natural and simple wavelength? Considering that many commercials we see on T.V. question us to make a difference each and every second of life, this book’s message is very relevant. At times, I got lost in the plot during scenes focused on parkour or technology. Overall though, I enjoyed the book and the social commentary it makes using a creative story line.
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